International Students M-1 Student Visa

The Players School of Music will provide the 1-20 M document, which is necessary to obtain your M1 student visa.  Just follow the steps below.

How to apply

1)  Just write us at to receive a printable version of the Application Form*   If you would like us to fax or e-mail you the Application Form, please call us at (727) 725-1445 ext. 13.

2) Please, fill out your application form and print it*.

3) Application Fee: Make your Bank Check for the amount of $150.00 (US). You can make this check payable to The Players School of Music.  Or you can call and make the payment over the phone. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. (This application fee is neither refundable nor transferable).

4) Mail (The Application Form ) with your check and Request Form to:
The Players School of Music: 923 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33759, USA. (Do not e-mail or fax you documents).  Once we have received your request form and application fee, you will receive a package by mail containing all of the documents needed to apply for the I-20 M form.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Coming up soon at this page, the APPLICATION FORM will be available for you HERE to apply directly with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

I-20 M Visa Paperwork

Make sure your application includes the following:

– Cover letter with checklist of document & instructions.
– Financial Sources Form.
– Statement of Financial Responsibility Form.
– Example of Bank Letter.
– Estimated Living Expenses.
– Student Enrollment Agreement Form.


1) Follow all instructions carefully with regard to completing all the documentation enclosed.

2) Fill out your Enrollment Agreement Form.

3) Registration fee: Make check payable in the amount of US $100.00 payable to The Players School of Music. The fee is separate from the Application Fee previously paid.

4) When you have completed all the documentation, mail it to:
The Players School of Music – 923 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33759, USA

Allow 2 to 4 weeks to process your documents. After this, The Players School of Music will contact you to inform you of the outcome.  If accepted, you will receive by mail:

1) Letter of acceptance to study at The Players School of Music.

2) Form I-20 M Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) students status.

Requesting Your M-1 Student Visa

You will need to go to your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country.  They require:

1) Form I-901. Go to and carefully follow the instructions to fill out the form and pay the fee.  The fee is required, without paying it you will not be issued a I-20 M Student Visa.

2) Form I-20 M

3) Letter of acceptance to attend The Players School of Music.

4) Passport

5) Proof that you intend to return to your country after completing our program.

6) Statements and documentation detailing sources of funding.