The bass lessons include rhythmic studies, scales, chord tones, approach notes, chordal exercises, linear and multi-tonal exercises from a variety of academic sources. Bass students will start to read music from day one. Beginning players will read and practice homework within their capabilities. Intermediate to advanced bass students will study various exercises cataloged over many years. Advanced students will work on the transcription of solos. The course also accommodates players who play five and six string bass.


Your studies will include weekly reading, improvisation, re-harmonization methods, comping and soloing exercises. Triads, 7th chords, quartal harmony and different voicings are examined. Various scales are covered and practiced regularly. Analyzing playing skills of well-known guitarists of the past and present are also used as a valuable learning tool.


Various technical, reading, improvisational, and stylistic exercises are examined each week. Independence exercises, sticking exercises, bass drum and high-hat exercises are examined along with various styles of popular drumming. Analyzing the recordings of well-known drummers will help you to learn the intricacies of the industry’s top percussionists. This academic approach to drums and percussion will give you the experience you need to develop your understanding as a soloing and rhythm section drummer. Latin percussion upon request.


Your lessons will direct you toward playing chords, scales, melodic & rhythmic exercises, transcriptions, weekly reading, comping, and soloing exercises. Your studies will be from a broad selection of contemporary jazz literature and jazz standards. Playing the transcriptions of great piano soloists, plus an overview of different musical styles will be explored, all according to your personal level of playing ability.


If you can talk, you can sing! With our program, beginners or advanced vocalists will learn correct vocalization to develop a solid vocal tone. Vocal lessons emphasize using your diaphragm, not your throat to support your voice. You will learn popular repertoire to develop versatility in different styles. This program will build up your confidence with a professional repertoire to start creating a solid base for your career either as a singer soloist or a background vocalist.


Horn instruction emphasizes a solid foundation in the standard technical challenges of professional performance. This includes the basics—breathing, embouchure, articulation—as well as theoretical studies to develop your overall playing ability.  You will practice harmonic lines and technical exercises as well as learning popular repertoire essential for horn players to know as a performing player. All woodwind and metals.