PLAYERS Fridays LIVE Class with Master Luthier Mick Donner

March 3, 2017

PLAYERS Friday LIVE Class with Jason Berlin and Thomas Griggs Tribute to Larry Coryell RIP

February 24th , 2017

Larry Coryell’s Fridays LIVE Class

February 3th , 2017

Fridays LIVE Class with Peter Mongaya and Gui Anna from PLAYERS SCHOOL’s Library!!!

January 27th , 2017

PLAYERS Live Class with Pat Close

 Process to Record and Produce your Own CD

January 20rd , 2017

PLAYERS LIVE Class with Elias Tona and Tony Citron

January 13th , 2017

Fridays LIVE Class for Singers! Maestro Alfredo Olarte is in the house!

December 2nd, 2016

PLAYERS School LIVE Classroom Every Friday at 12:00 pm #florida via

November 18th , 2016

Friday’s LIVE Class with Joe Porter – Presented by Vicky Fulop

November 18th , 2016

Friday’s LIVE Class with Manuel Rojas Mario Criales y @carlos sulbaran

November 11th , 2016

Fridays Players LIVE Class with Peter Mongaya Hogsholm from Playerschool Campus

October 28th, 2016

Fridays LIVE Class from PLAYERS School Music

October 21th , 2016

PLAYERS Friday’s LIVE Class with Matt Bokulic – Next Friday Elias Tona. This Class was made possible by PLAYERS School Educational Foundation – Check our Page

October 14th , 2016

Friday’s LIVE Class

October 14th , 2016

Friday’s LIVE Class with Matt Bokulic

October 14th, 2016

Larry Coryell Master Class coming up…. Matt Bokulic, Elias Tona and Pat Close talk about it!

October 12th , 2016

PLAYERS School Master Class Series here with Ron Reinhardt talking about making a choice that was no choice…to be a musician. Dave Reinhardt on drums and Tim George on bass. Amazing PLAYERS!!!!🎼

July 13th , 2016

Master Class Series Presents David PASTORIUS One-Week Intensive MUSIC Program

July 6th , 2016

PLAYERS Master Class After Clip of Gumbi Ortiz and his band.

June 14th, 2016

Master Class The Players School of Music

April 8th , 2015

Vicky’s Corner ( sorry about the quality of the video but I love this clip _ My favorite double bass player in the world! The one and only Brian Bromberg! Just listen to this clip of his Master Class at THE PLAYERS SCHOOL OF MUSIC!

December 6th , 2015

Jeff Berlin introduces Larry Coryell to the class.

September 17th , 2010

PLAYERS Video Clip. Brian Bromberg’s Master Class Players School of Music’s One-Week Intensive MUSIC Program

June 25th, 2010

Brian Bromberg playing with Director of Education Matt Bokulic – Video # 2

October 19th , 2009

Brian Bromberg started his class with Matt Bokulic on piano.

October 19th , 2009